What is a Model Release Contract ?

Every picture of yours and every movie you’re in belongs to you and is copyrighted. Automatically without the need of any action from your side. Without your agreement no one is allowed to use a picture or movie of yours. No matter if it’s posted for free or used commercially.

When a fotographer or videographer wants to publish or sell a product you’re in then this is only possible with your agreement. And such an agreement is exactely what the  model release contract is about. A lot of online platforms require this document to assure that no material is posted without consent and illegaly.

The content of the contract is generally as follows:

You agree that Simon Leach Production can use your photos and video for all purposes. You also agree that the material can be retouched (foto) or edited (video).

With a copy of an identification document you also certify that you’re 18 years old or older.