General Informations for Models

Welcome at Simon Leach Production
We are happy that you work with us. This document is meant as a general guideline for working with us.

For all questions you can contact:

Shooting location
Beinwilerstrasse 11, 4053 Basel
Restrooms available – NO shower

Car: Parking place available
Public transport: Train station is not far away. Use exit direction Gundeldingen. If you need a lift, please tell us before. See last page for more information.

Please keep us updated: A message when you leave and shortly before you arrive would be appricated.

In case of emergency please cancel as early as possible. We rent technical equipment which can be costly if not need. Video also requires more people than photography.

All products used are either new or desinfected

You have to bring an ID or passport to the shooting. Before each shooting we make a photo of the document as well as a photo of you with the document.

Accompaigning person
You can bring any person to the shooting you want. Please inform us about it before as we are thankful for every additional helping hand.

Other things you have to bring:
-Erotic toys if you prefer yours
-Clothes as prediscussed plus addtional clothes to choose

Normal Procedures
Usually a video shot works like this:
-Greeting and introduction of the team
-Visiting the shooting location
-Choose clothes and dress
-Pictures of documents
-Short Fotoshoot for profil pcitures
-Description of the scene
-Rehearsal and shooting
-Pantyhose for sale if available

Infos for fotomodels
If you never made a video-shooting before then soem things will be different and new for you. Video consists of a big number of small parts with a lot of camera- and light-changes. Therfore you have a lot of breaks. Additionally you need more acting talent and it’s helpful if you understand the story.

Your preparations
If you have some text to learn, please be prepared.
If you have your nails colored please check if the color is problematic for the shoot.
If we offer a make up artist, please arrive without make up.
Be fit, relaxed and try to have some fun.

You can contact us anytime if you have questions. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Meeting at the train station
Exit at train station. Clim the stairs and then head into direction of Gundeldingen / Ochsner Sport. On the left side behind the last shop you can seee a stair to the bycicle parking.
Go down and from there the Taxi waiting zone is already in sight. There I’ll be expection you.

Download this document as pdf